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Ready To Roll Extended Edition

  • Includes "Ready To Roll Extended Edition" Complete Online Course.

  • Over 6 months worth of practice material for an absolute beginner. 

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The Beginner Courses

  • Includes "Ready To Roll", "Every Chord, Everywhere, All At Once" and "Beginner Tab Pack" Online Courses. 

  • Over 12 months worth of practice material.

  • Instant Access Upon Purchase.


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The Complete Course Collection

  • Includes all 5 banjo courses and both the beginner and advanced tab packs.

  • Over 2 years worth of practice material!

  • Instant Access Upon Purchase.


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Ready To Roll - 100 Days Of Beginner Banjo

Discover the joy of banjo playing with 'Ready To Roll'—the perfect course for absolute beginners. This online program offers a clear path to proficiency, featuring over 20+ lessons that cover everything from basic chords and melodies to advanced roll patterns and legato techniques. Gain instant access and start your banjo journey through both classic and modern tunes, all designed to help you play beautifully from day one.

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Every Chord, Everywhere, All At Once

Explore the entire fretboard with 'Every Chord, Everywhere, All At Once'—a complete online course dedicated to mastering every chord in every key on the banjo. Learn the formulas behind every chord quality, play every chord inversion, and learn to craft your own crowd-pleasing solos. This course features over 100+ examples, full-length practice solos, and streaming videos to help guide you along your musical journey.

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HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout

HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout is tailored for beginner to intermediate banjo players looking to take their ability to an advanced level. This course provides an unparalleled collection of exercises, including every conceivable roll pattern, every scale pattern, single-string style exercises, essential Scruggs and Melodic style licks, and more. Organized into seven distinct 'workout rounds,' this course will turbocharge your technique and unlock your inner banjo virtuoso.

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Music Theory Magic

Discover the magic of music theory with "Music Theory Magic." Learn about rhythm, melody, and harmony through topics such as the major scale, chord formulas, and chord inversions. Explore more advanced techniques like modes, suspended chords, syncopation, and odd-time signatures. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate player, "Music Theory Magic" will deepen your understanding of the language of music and enhance your creativity on the banjo.

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Bluesing Banjos

Master the iconic sounds of blues banjo with 'Bluesing Banjos'—the internet's only online course dedicated to learning the blues on banjo. This program guides you through mastering the blues scale in various positions, using dominant chords across the fretboard, crafting memorable solo licks, and performing classic blues turnarounds. Put it all together with four complete blues solos that will impress your family and friends. 

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