"HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout" is a bootcamp workout for your fingers, specifically designed to turbocharge your technique and send your banjo skills to the stratosphere. 

Take a step towards banjo mastery using this one-of-a-kind lesson plan I've developed as a professional teacher for 18 years with hundreds of in-person students. Push your boundaries with this comprehensive banjo workout consisting of every roll pattern imaginable, over 20+ scale patterns, Scruggs and Melodic style licks, stretchy seventh chords, and much more. Unlock your inner banjo virtuoso and impress your family and friends!

✅ Take your technique to the next level with HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout - the ultimate program designed specifically for banjo players of any level looking to attain an advanced level banjo technique.

✅ Study at your own pace with this full-length online course and streaming videos accompanying every chapter.

✅ Embark on a 6+ month journey, tailored for any skill level, packed with over 100+ examples, 7 full-length workout rounds, and accompanying demonstration videos.

✅ Learn how to play advanced roll patterns, open and closed position scale patterns, exotic scale patterns, Scruggs and melodic style licks, suspended and seventh chords, and much more. 

✅ Get instant access upon purchase - no waiting, just start playing!

Happybanjodude’s Barn-Burnin’ Banjo Workout Online Course


What is HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout?

"HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout" is a comprehensive online course designed specifically for beginner to intermediate players looking to take their technique to an advanced level.


It's essentially like having 20+ private banjo lessons specifically on how to develop a bulletproof banjo technique that allows you to fly across the fretboard.

With these lessons you'll learn:

 ✅  Every Roll Pattern Imaginable: Begin your journey by warming up with simple roll patterns, then progress to creating hybrid variations, and finally, test your skills with intricate advanced patterns that will push your finger agility to the limit.


Single-String Style: Explore a huge range of exercises designed to refine your mastery of this unique technique, similar to flat-picking on a guitar. Seamlessly transition between sixteenth notes and triplets to add a new level of rhythmic sophistication to your playing. 


✅  Open and Closed Position Scale Patterns: Dive into the world of scales, starting with those utilizing open strings and then progressing to the five "closed position" patterns that allow you to visualize the entire neck. Finally, explore exotic scales that expand your harmonic palette and add unique flavors to your solos.


✅  Scruggs and Melodic Style: From driving bluegrass rhythms to intricate cascading melodies, master the techniques essential for both of these styles. Practice a variety of useable and common licks one after another with a metronome to hone your timing, precision, and ability to transition between phrases. 


✅  Stretchy Suspended and Seventh Chords:  Cool down with complex chord progressions that challenge your left hand flexibility while adding depth and complexity to your chord vocabulary.


Learn all of this without: 


❌ Music Theory Overload: This course offers a practical, hands-on approach that simplifies complex concepts, making it easy for beginners to understand and apply to their playing. Learn everything you need and nothing you don't! 


❌ Endless Talking: These lesson videos provide clear demonstrations, ensuring you spend more time playing and less time listening to lengthy, unnecessary explanations.


❌ Frustration and Burnout: Say goodbye to frustration and burnout with a structured, enjoyable learning plan that keeps you motivated to learn every day.


Don't Take My Word For It.
Here's What Actual Students Are Saying:

"This course really took me to the next level in my banjo playing. I learned so many finger picking styles I never thought possible, and the amount of scales in this book will keep you busy for weeks and even months! This is a must have for anyone who just needs that little push to become the player they always wanted to." 



"HBD's Barn-Burnin' workout has been my favorite set of exercises to practice as I try to improve my banjo abilities. The various rolls, scale progressions, and other techniques have been the biggest reason of me being able to increase my skills as a simple pluckin' banjo player. Pairing it with the other beginner books makes it even easier to practice."



"This course really helps break the barrier most banjo players face. I'll be honest, I didn't expect it... I generally think HBD is heavily focused on popular music versus bluegrass, but this course proves otherwise."




Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Play In 
HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout:


     Round 1: Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

  • Begin your workout by tackling the internet's most extensive set of roll patterns, from foundational rolls to seamlessly integrated hybrid rolls. Each pattern not only enhances your playing but also sharpens your muscle memory and picking awareness. Take your skills to the next level with advanced rolls like the Double D roll and Béla Fleck's Arpeggio roll, creating a picking hand that's flexible, fluid, and ready to tackle any tab.

     Round 2: Single String Slingin' 

  • Refine your precision and control with single string picking, a technique pioneered by banjo legend Don Reno and perfected by the legendary Béla Fleck. Explore a variety of single-string exercises, challenging your ability to seamlessly cross each string with a steady hand. Then tackle exercises using triplets, challenging both your rhythmic abilities and picking technique. These exercises not only enhance your technical ability but also enhance your creativity, enabling you to create solo licks reminiscent of banjo pioneers.

     Round 3: Scaling Mount Killiman-Banjo

  • Break free from the confines of G major and voyage through a vast landscape of these unique scale patterns. Begin with familiar open string scales like G major, C major, and D major. Then, master the five closed position scale patterns to gain a complete understanding of every playable note across the neck. Finally, explore exotic scales such as harmonic minor, diminished, and whole-tone, pushing the boundaries of both your ears and your playing ability.

     Round 4: Interval Space Travel

  • Think you've mastered your scales? Think again. Delve into the intricacies of scales played in thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, and sevenths—each demanding different fingerings and challenging your accuracy. Playing thirds involves navigating between scale notes the third note above it, revealing unique harmonic relationships within the scale. Fourth and fifth intervals extend the melodic range, sixths add depth, and sevenths introduces tension and resolution. These exercises not only refine your technique but also enrich your ear, essential for mastery in G major.

     Round 5: Scruggs Style Skills

  • Honor the legacy of Earl Scruggs, the most influential banjo player of all time, and integrate his style into your own playing. Explore every iconic Scruggs-style lick, including phrases from classics such as 'Cripple Creek' and 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown'. This round will teach you how to seamlessly integrate these licks with ease, moving beyond simply memorizing tabs to truly mastering their musical potential. Whether you're refining your skills in home practice sessions or showcasing them in stage jam sessions, these timeless licks will significantly enhance your skill level. 

    Round 6: Mellow Melodic Licks

  • Advance your technique even further with Round 6, starting with the fundamental G major scale played in the banjo’s melodic style. This method is known for allowing strings to resonate continuously, producing a smooth, flowing sound that showcases the unique tuning of the banjo. Explore a diverse range of licks that build upon this scale, each increasing in complexity and intricacy. Perfect for players looking to broaden their musicality and explore the full potential of the banjo.

    Round 7: Chordal Cool-Down

  • This round serves as the perfect cooldown for your workout, transitioning through an array of chords designed to relax your fretting hand. Begin by winding down with the varied triads in the key of G major. Then, stretch your hands with suspended and 7th chords, adding new textures to your chord repertoire. Offering both a soothing cool-down and a chance to explore new sounds, this round is perfect for musicians looking to enhance their chord transitions and expand their musical vocabulary.

    HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout BONUSES:

  • A complete fretboard roadmap  so you can easily locate any note on the banjo.
  • A complete list of every chord in every key  so you can write your own progressions.
  • Great sounding drum beats at a variety of tempos (say goodbye to your boring metronome "click"!)
  • Lifetime Support. Got a specific question about a lesson? Ask HBD anytime and get a quick response.

Only $29

Get HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout
 For Less Than Half The Price 
Of A Single Lesson

A good private banjo lesson will cost you about $75 per hour. 


If you took 20 lessons that would run you $1500. 😱


And you wouldn't get a video demonstration of every exercise...


Or the ability to learn at your own pace, anywhere in the world...


Or have a system that shows you exactly how much progress you've made...


Or have all the practice tools you'll need right at your fingertips.


You'll get all of this with HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout, and for less than half the price of ONE private lesson


Considering this course covers the same amount of material as 20+ private lessons... why wouldn't I put a $50, $100, or even $150 price tag on it?


It's because I want to make lessons affordable to anyone with a genuine desire to learn this weird and wonderful instrument.


It's because I wanted to have a beautifully designed course that anyone could take, regardless of their access to a local teacher. 


I'm confident that this will be one of the best investments you'll make in learning how to play the banjo. 


But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself. 


You can take this course, completely risk-free.

Only $29


HBD's Money Back Guarantee

HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout was designed to be the absolute best course available on the internet for improving your technique. After these 7 rounds and 100+ exercises you'll be able to:

  • Play any roll pattern, ever!
  • Play any scale pattern, ever!
  • Have an extensive vocabulary of Scruggs and Melodic style licks.
  • Have the confidence to play any advanced level song. 

After just a few days I'm confident you'll fall in love with the both the content and design of this course. You'll be able to visually track your progress and it will motivate you more than any other course out there.


That's why I'm offering my risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.


Try out HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout risk-free for 30 days. Watch the videos, practice the exercises, and utlilize all the practice tools.


If you don't like this course for any reason, just send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to give you a full refund. I believe this is the best course out there and want to offer it to you risk-free.

Only $29

Hear What Real Students Are Saying:

"This course really took me to the next level in my banjo playing. I learned so many finger picking styles I never thought possible, and the amount of scales in this book will keep you busy for weeks and even months! This is a must have for anyone who just needs that little push to become the player they always wanted to."




"I've been playing banjo for about 5 years now and have a pretty good grasp on writing accompanying banjo parts for original tunes; but in the beginning I blew over most of the scales and advanced/hybrid rolls which really (in my opinion) round out some great banjo picking. I've only had the course for a short period but its already proven to be a useful tool in greatly expanding my knowledge and abilities."


"All of his courses, videos, tabs, and instructions are the best. He has likely singlehandedly turned hundreds on to the banjo, and convinced hundreds of others to start playing again."





How Exactly Does An Online Course Work? 

  • After you've purchased this course, simply log-in and click your name at the top right of the website. 
  • From here you'll see a list of courses you've purchased. 
  • Click on your course and start learning! Each video has the tab underneath. 
  • Once you've finished a lesson, click "Complete And Continue" and track your progress!
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Only $29