Music Theory Magic is the ultimate music theory guide written specifically for banjo. Unlock your banjo's potential, express your creativity, and speak the language of music. 

Master music theory using this one-of-a-kind online course I've developed as a professional teacher for 18 years with hundreds of in-person students. Learn to recognize any note, play every scale pattern, understand chord harmony, and explore the unique sound of modes. Take your knowledge even further with bluesy dominant chords, jazzy seventh chords, and odd-time signatures. Demystify the secrets of advanced music theory and take your playing into new sonic territory.

✅ Take your knowledge to the next level with Music Theory Magic, the most comprehensive guide of music theory written specifically for banjo. 

✅ Study at your own pace with this full-length online course and streaming videos accompanying every chapter.

✅ Embark on a 12+ month journey, tailored for any skill level, packed with 15 chapters, 140 pages, 100+ examples, and accompanying audio demos for every example.

✅ In this course you'll learn to: identify any note, count in any time signatures, understand the formulas behind every chord, and determine which chords fit within each key. You'll also explore the major-minor key connection, every major scale pattern up the neck, and understand the different sound of every mode. Finally, you'll learn suspended chords, dominant chords, seventh chords, odd-time signatures, and more!

✅ Get instant access upon purchase - no waiting, just start playing!

Music Theory Magic Online Course


What is Music Theory Magic?

"Music Theory Magic" is a comprehensive online course designed specifically for players of any level looking to take their knowledge of theory to an advanced level.


It's essentially like having 25+ private  banjo lessons on music theory right at your fingertips.

With these lessons you'll learn:

✅  Note Identification: Learn to effortlessly identify any note across your banjo’s fretboard with clear, step-by-step instruction. This core skill sets the groundwork for advanced music theory applications, making it an essential first step for every banjo player.


✅  Time Signatures:  Start by mastering the standard 4/4 time signature, the standard of many musical genres. Learn to subdivide the beat into quarters, eighths, and sixteenths through a variety of playing exercises designed to challenge your rhythmic ability. 


✅  Chord Formulas and Harmony: Discover the formulas behind major, minor, and diminished chords and understand how they create harmony within a key. Master the basic chord shapes and then explore how to use inversions to play these chords across different parts of the fretboard.


✅  The Minor Key Connection: While major keys typically sound happy, minor keys bring depth and a darker mood to the banjo. Use my "one simple trick" to quickly identify any minor key, instantly expanding your ability to play a wider range of emotions.


✅  The 5 Major Scale Patterns Across the Neck: Unlock the fretboard with this chapter on mastering major scale patterns, featuring my foundational 5 patterns, 2 diagonal patterns, and Béla Fleck’s 7 scale patterns. Start in the key of G, the center of the banjo universe, and easily shift to any of the 12 keys by adjusting your starting point. 


✅  Modes: Explore the unique moods of each mode and how they can transform your sound by expressing more subtle emotions. From Dorian to Lydian, each mode offers a new sonic palette that adds sophistication to your playing. 


✅  Suspended, Dominant, and Seventh Chords: Expand your chord repertoire with suspended, dominant, and seventh chords—what I like to call the 'expensive' sounding chords. Learn how to integrate these complex chords into your progressions, adding rich, new textures to your compositions.


Learn all of this without: 


❌ Needing prior experience: Begin with the basics and progress through structured, incremental lessons designed to build your skills confidently.


❌ Wasting time: This content is exclusively tailored for banjo players, ensuring everything you learn is relevant and directly applicable.


❌ Endless Talking: This course provide clear tabs with audio demonstrations, ensuring you spend more time playing and less time listening to lengthy, unnecessary explanations.


❌ Frustration and Burnout: Say goodbye to frustration and burnout with a structured learning plan that keeps you motivated to learn every day.


Don't Take My Word For It.
Here's What Actual Students Are Saying:

"This is a very well written and easy to understand course. It very clearly breaks down "simple" music theory into easy to digest sections. By doing so it builds the foundations for further, more advanced theory exploration. I was able to read the book through first and then went back to the beginning and worked through the exercises. I have found that by referencing this book and individual sections, previously confusing songs/tabs make much more sense now. Overall, this book has enhanced my understanding of both the 'how' and 'why' music works." 



"HBD is a great teacher! In this course he really helped me understand music theory, which is something I've always wanted to learn. I feel like I know my banjo way more than I did before! This course is a great stepping stone for beginners looking to improve."



"I was hesitant to start learning music theory because I thought it would be too complex, especially for a beginner like me, but Music Theory Magic changed everything! The lessons are perfectly tailored for banjo players, which made all the concepts relevant and easy to grasp. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to seriously upgrade their banjo skills."




Only $29

Get Music Theory Magic
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Of A Single Lesson

A good private banjo lesson will cost you about $75 per hour. 


If you took 20 lessons that would run you $1500. 😱


And you wouldn't get a audio demonstration of every lesson...


Or the ability to learn at your own pace, anywhere in the world...


Or have a proven system that shows you exactly how much progress you've made...


Or have all the practice tools you'll need right at your fingertips.


You'll get all of this with Music Theory Magic, and for less than half the price of ONE private lesson


Considering this course covers the same amount of material as 20+ private lessons... why wouldn't I put a $50, $100, or even $150 price tag on it?


It's because I want to make lessons affordable to anyone with a genuine desire to learn this weird and wonderful instrument.


It's because I wanted to have a beautifully designed course that anyone could take, regardless of their access to a local teacher. 


I'm confident that this will be the one of the best investments you make in learning how to play the banjo. 


But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself. 


You can take this course, completely risk-free.

Only $29


HBD's Money Back Guarantee

Music Theory Magic was designed to be the absolute best course available on the internet for learning music theory on banjo. After these 20+ lessons you'll be able to:

  • Identify every note on the fretboard and navigate through any rhythm.
  • Understand chord formulas, manipulate triads and their inversions, and know which chords sound good together (and why).
  • Play the 5 major scale patterns across the neck and visualize every playable note on the fretboard.
  • Apply different modes to alter the mood and color of your playing.
  • Integrate advanced chords into your playing, including suspended, dominant, and seventh chords.
  • Play in odd-time signatures and bring a unique rhythmic flavor to your music.

After just a few days I'm confident you'll fall in love with the both the content and beautiful design of this course. You'll be able to visually track your progress and it will motivate you more than any other course out there.


That's why I'm offering my risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.


Try out Music Theory Magic risk-free for 30 days. Watch the videos, practice the exercises, and utlilize all the practice tools.


If you don't like this course for any reason, just send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to give you a full refund. I believe this is the best theory course out there and want to offer it to you risk-free.

Only $29

How Exactly Does An Online Course Work? 

  • After you've purchased Music Theory Magic, simply log-in and click your name at the top right of the website. 
  • From here you'll see a list of courses you've purchased. 
  • Click on your course and start learning! Each lesson has the tab underneath. 
  • Once you've finished a lesson, click "Complete And Continue" and track your progress!
  • Got a question? Just click the "Chat" button in the button right and I'll personally respond as soon as possible!

Only $29