HappyBanjoDude's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout - eBook and Video

A Bootcamp Workout For Your Fingers.

"HappyBanjoDude's Barn Burnin' Banjo Workout" is the ultimate method for developing a professional-grade banjo technique. HBD takes you from relatively easy to insanely hard exercises, all specifically geared toward making you the best banjo player possible. 

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  • Includes eBook and streaming videos. 
  • 4-6 months worth of learning material for an intermediate/advanced player.
  • Over 150 examples.
  • Basic roll patterns, hybrid roll patterns, and all new advanced roll patterns.
  • Single string style licks in 16th notes and triplets.
  • Open scale patterns, major scale patterns, pentatonic scale patterns, and exotic scale patterns!
  • Scruggs style licks.
  • Melodic style scales and licks.
  • New chords including suspended chords and seventh chords.
  • Video shot in 1080p and Streamable For iPad/Android Tablets. Compatible with Mac and PC.
  • Download instantly from anywhere in the world. 

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