The Complete Package - eBooks and Video

The Complete Package - eBooks and Video

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A few years of practice for less than the price of 2 lessons. 

Save 50% when you buy all 8 books together!

  • Includes "Ready To Roll", "Winston Style", "Strummin", "HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout", "Foggy Mountain Breakdowns", "Music Theory Magic", "Beginner Tab Pack", and "Advanced Tab Pack"!
  • 8 Complete PDF eBooks with video. 
  • Compatible with Mac and PC.

"Ready To Roll" includes:

  • Over 6 Months Worth of Material For an Absolute Beginner.
  • Over 100+ Examples!
  • Beginning and Intermediate Chords and Chord Progressions. 
  • 16 Essential Roll Patterns Shown With Upclose Camera Angles.
  • Etudes in the Style of Mumford & Sons.
  • Fancy Banjo Techniques Like Slides, Hammer Ons, and Pull Offs.
  • 7 Classic Banjo Tunes Arranged by HBD Himself including "Cripple Creek" and "Amazing Grace".


"Winston Style" incudes:

  • 4-6 months worth of learning material for an intermediate player.
  • Over 100 examples.
  • How to play major, minor, and diminished chords across the neck.
  • How to play entire chord progressions in a single area of the neck.
  • A complete chart of every chord in every key.
  • 8 example solos to help you get started!


"HBD's Barn-Burnin' Banjo Workout" includes:

  • 4-6 months worth of learning material for an intermediate/advanced player.
  • Over 150 examples.
  • Basic roll patterns, hybrid roll patterns, and all new advanced roll patterns.
  • Single string style licks in 16th notes and triplets.
  • Open scale patterns, major scale patterns, pentatonic scale patterns, and exotic scale patterns!
  • Scruggs style licks.
  • Melodic style scales and licks.
  • New chords including suspended chords and seventh chords.

"Strummin" includes:

  • Over 40+ examples.
  • How to play 8th note strumming pattens, 16th note strumming patterns, swing strumming patterns and more!
  • 2-3 Months Worth of Material For A Beginner/Intermediate Player.
  • Examples that can be applied to banjo, guitar, mandolin, and ukelele.
  • Blank worksheets to write your own rhythms.

"Foggy Mountain Breakdowns" includes: 

  • 3+ months worth of learning material for an beginner/intermediate player.
  • Includes 100% accurate and complete tabs for "Cripple Creek", "The Ballad Of Jed Clampett" and "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" as played by Earl Scruggs. 
  • Video closeups of left and right hands. 
  • Dozens of exercises to prepare you for each tune. 
  • Learn countless essential bluegrass banjo licks. 
  • Learn how to play backup banjo during fiddle or vocal performances.
  • Learn those classic banjo endings that everyone recognizes!

Be able to play any song,  write your own music, and impress your friends with your badass banjo skills!

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